24 12 / 2013

M2mate announces the year’s biggest offer event– up to 20% discount Christmas offer for all line of multimedia programs. The product line includes video converter ultimate, DVD to iPad converter, iPhone/iPad manager, blu ray creator and SWF to audio converter. The promotion would be ended on Jan 4th, 2014.


M2mate, as you know, is not the software vendor to develop software, but the reliable multimedia software recommender to pick the best easy-to-use yet powerful program. M2mate starts with fixing the problem that the M2mate founder’s grandma met when transferring family videos among different portable devices. And later, it aims to help people like grandma to find the right multimedia program by avoiding wasting time and taking risks. 

For the 2013 Christmas season, there is no doubt that many shops regard it as a big cake and everyone would not miss the celebrating party. And it is the same in the software filed. How does M2mate stand out in the “crowed flood”?

“Don’t make choice become a horror to people! Although more choice means more possibility, as to software part, nobody wants their computer to be the test machine. We play the role to pick the easy-to-use but powerful multimedia software, so our customers get the right, clean, functional program without spending time on searching and trying.” M2mate’s co-founder Neil Lee said when he was interviewed by a local press in 2013. This may explain why M2mate is so different from the competitors.

M2mate presents 5 products for Christmas special offer. The most popular video converter ultimate is provided 20% discount which is the best price of the year. 

Video Converter Ultimate has all features as a video converter; in addition, it can be used as YouTube video downloader, smart video editor, private video to DVD creator and powerful DVD ripper. The original price is $59.95, and now it is only $47.96 (20% OFF) with coupon code “812DA11A0E”. 

The iphone iPad iPod transfer would be the best combination of Apple iDevice. It enables people transfer all kinds of files like messages, contacts, music, TV show, podcast, videos, photos to&from PC with simple operation. The original price is $39.95, and now it is only $33.96 (15% OFF) with coupon code “83BE3501E9”.

Blu ray creator is a concise home blu ray movie maker that helps people create personal blu ray disc movie with the videos they have. 3D effect is also available in this program. The original price is $39.95, and now it is only $33.96 (15% OFF) with coupon code “83BE3501E9”.

DVD to iPad Converter meets people’s need to watch favorite DVD disc movies on portable iPad, iPhone, iPod whenever and wherever on the go. The Christmas special price is $29.95.

And the last one is SWF to Audio Converter which only costs $19.00. It can be used to convert SWF files to audio formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC… for playing on different devices and extract audio sound from the flash SWF video. 

Don’t miss the best deals of M2mate in this Christmas. For any question or inquiry, one can send email to support@m2mate.com.

M2mate, a new competitor in software field, was founded in 2012. The reason for lunching the site is to help grandma to find right program and later, it aims to help more people find the right multimedia program avoiding wasting time and taking risks. 

Homepage: http://www.m2mate.com/

28 11 / 2013

Not everybody was happy when Nokia decided to abandon Meego and follow the Microsoft path, as a result a group of Nokia engineers created Jolla, a new company that would create smartphones based on Sailfish, Meego’s successor. Now their first smartphone is finally on the market.

The Jolla handset is launching today at an event organized by the Finnish carrier DNA. The device will only be available in Finland for the time being, but availability will be expanded to other countries in the future.

The Jolla smartphone features mid-range specs, including a dual-core Qualcomm processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage expandable via MicroSD card, and a 4.5-inch with a 960x540 resolution. The unlocked device sells for €399.

Sailfish OS, is an upgraded and rebranded version of Meego that comes with some of its most important features including Swipe. The OS is also designed to feature true multitasking where apps remain alive in the background, but we’ll have to see how well this works once we get to test a Jolla handset. The team behind Sailfish has promised frequent OTA updates to constantly improve the OS.

All in all the Jolla alongside Sailfish look like interesting products, and they might have the potential to break into the market, but time will tell if Finland will have a new major phone manufacturer.

Source: V3 | Image via Jolla

22 11 / 2013

With two weeks of domestic playtime (and three internationally) already under its belt, Disney-Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” has crossed $500 million at the worldwide box office, marking the third film for the Mouse, including “Iron Man 3″ and “Monsters University,” to have reached that milestone this year.

Overseas, “The Dark World” has amassed $352.2 million through Wednesday, with $152 million Stateside, for a global cume of $504.2 million.

The “Thor” sequel’s worldwide tally already has eclipsed the original’s $449 million global cume earned in 2011.

So far, the top overseas market is China, which has contributed $46.1 million, followed by Russia, with $33.6  million, and the U.K., Brazil and Mexico, all of which have amassed more than $20 million each locally.

There is still room for the film to grow, though “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” launches worldwide in major territories starting today. “Catching Fire” is expected to gross more than $300 million globally this weekend, with domestic projections tracking at north of $160 million, at least.

Source: Variety.com

22 11 / 2013

In yet another setback for Galaxy S3 owners, who have not had their devices updated since Android 4.1 - with Samsung opting to skip 4.2 altogether - those who have managed to update have suffered a myriad of issues which has prompted Samsung to suspend the update while they investigate the reported issues.

According to GSMArena, early adopters have reported Galaxy S3’s becoming unresponsive on random occasions, crashing and becoming incapable of proper multitasking due to poor RAM management, stuttering on music playback and even battery drain.

A spokesperson from Samsung UK issued a statement on the issues:

As we are currently investigating the reported issues with Galaxy S3 4.3 Jelly Bean update, the upgrading service has been temporarily suspended. We are committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience, and will ensure to resume the upgrading service at the earliest possibility.

As a result, the update has been pulled from KIES and the OTA service has been suspended.

The update is aimed at bringing the S3’s look and feel closer to the current Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S4. With the new update, Samsung has introduced support for the Galaxy Gear which was released in October. It also includes a new Samsung keyboard, TRIM Support, ANT+ support, move-to-SD card feature for applications, Daydream, new screen modes from the S4, actionable notifications, new camera mode, updated GPU drivers, Galaxy S4 UI, modifications to the Notification centre, a new Settings UI, and revamped Samsung apps such as Calculator, Clock, Contacts and Gallery.

It also comes with improvements to the S-Voice feature which is Samsung’s take on Apple’s Siri. Some apps have also been provided with full screen support.

Source: GSMArena

04 11 / 2013

Barely a few days since its launch and the new iPad Air seems to be a massive hit with consumers. Data shows its adoption rate is significantly higher compared to last year’s iPad 4 and iPad Mini devices.

Fiksu, an app marketing company, has been tracking how well the new Apple slab is doing and judging by their data it seems like the public finds the new device very attractive. Only three days have passed since the iPad Air hit markets and it’s already outselling Apple’s previous tablets.

According to this data, iPad Air represents 0.92% of all active devices right now which is almost eight times higher than what the iPad 4 managed to sell in its first couple of days, and almost five times more when compared to last year’s iPad Mini.

Of course one important point to note here is that Apple had a staggered release last year with weeks passing between the launch of the Wi-fi only models and the launch of the cellular models. But even so, this data points to a very strong start for Apple’s new device and we have no doubt the company will brag about it at their next event.

Source and Image: Fiksu

30 7 / 2013

Some people are expecting the new Moto X to change the world once it’s launched in a few days but we’re not holding our breath. However if Motorola’s new phone is getting you excited we have a bit of a treat: full press shots in both black and white.

We’ve seen a lot of leaks pertaining to this device over the last few months, but with the launch taking place on 1st of August this is bound the be the last serious leak.

The new Moto X is expected to launch with a 4.7-inch screen at 720p resolution, microSD support with 16/32 GB of internal memory, 2 GB of Ram, Bluetooth 4.0 and LTE. As for the CPU that’s rumoured to be a 1.7Ghz Dual-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro with an Adreno 320 GPU.

The device is also rumoured to feature a special kind of Gorilla Glass and a reinforced aluminium chassis that will make it very durable.

It’s also expected to launch with Android 4.2.2, but it will likely be upgradeable to 4.3 in a few months. The device will supposedly feature a very light skin on top of Android courtesy of Motorola.

Source: @evleaks Via: Phonesreview | Images via evleaks

03 5 / 2013

A rumor is claiming that LG is working with Google to create another Nexus phone. The Korean manufacturer launched the current Nexus 4 approximately five months ago.

According to The Korea Times Google and LG are teaming up again for the Nexus program. For those of you less familiar with it, Nexus is a program under which different OEMs launch devices under this brand name. These are flagship devices that run stock Android and they represent the way Google wants an Android phone to look and feel. Nexus devices are also kept up to date via OTA updates directly from Google, and as such they are the preferred brand for techies and Android enthusiasts. 

The Nexus 4, previously launched by LG got received responses from reviews and the market. On the one hand it is a high quality device that goes for as low as $350, at least in the US. On the other hand the phone is not equipped with LTE and there have been numerous supply issues from both Google and LG.

The original article doesn’t go into any details of what a new Nexus phone might look like, and the earliest official indication we’re likely to get will be around Google I/O in a couple of weeks.

Via: Engadget  Source: The Korea Times

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25 2 / 2013

Sometimes the purchasing for an app is totally a mistake or the app can’t work as described. Can you get a refund from the App Store? Yes! Here’s how:

(Remember, this isn’t an official refund policy for the App Store because the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions specifically states: All sales and rentals of products are final.)

Step 1: Open up Your Account in iTunes

Locate the email receipt for your iTunes Store purchase.

Step 2: Check Your Purchase History

Once you’re logged in, click ‘See All>’ under Purchase History.

Step 3: Report a Problem

Scroll down until you see the big button that says ‘Report a Problem’. Click that big button.

Step 4: Select the App

Find the app you want a refund for and select ‘Report a Problem’.

Step 5: Explain

Choose the problem you’re having and write a detailed reason why you think you should get a refund for the app.

You can expect a response from Apple in the next 24-48 hours. If the support rep is satisfied with your reasoning, he’ll probably reverse the charges.

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18 2 / 2013

Both shareware and freeware are terms that are used to describe software that can be downloaded from the Internet. The basic difference between shareware and freeware stems from whether the person downloading the software must pay for it at some time. Freeware is just that, free software, while shareware means that payment will eventually be necessary.

When someone downloads freeware, they are often getting software without paying for it. With some freeware downloads, there is an optional charge. This charge may be in the form of a donation or to upgrade the freeware to the full version of the program. While this software is free, it is still subject to license terms and conditions to protect the intellectual rights of the software developers.

Eg: freeware VLC Media player

This program is a multimedia player that could play nearly all your media files including audio, video, DVD, VCD for free. People can free download and install the program on computer.

Shareware is software that is provided for a free trial before the user must pay for it. This allows users to try software before committing to the purchase price. Usually, the free trial is for a specific amount of time and there is no obligation to buy the software when that time is up. Shareware software products can also have some features limited, similar to freeware.

Eg: shareware Aissesoft DVD to iPad Converter

This program is used to convert all your DVD movies to Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV for enjoyment. It allows people to use its trial version before purchasing. The limitation is that you can only convert 5 minutes of each video.

Many different limitations can be placed on shareware and freeware files. Some of the most common include watermarks on images, advertising throughout the program, screens reminding you to purchase the full program, time trials and limits on saving.

(Source: multimediatips.overblog.com)

23 1 / 2013

You buy a program, and certainly you should receive the license to activate it. But the bad thing occurs, it shows that the license is invalid. Go mad? Before losing your temper, you can check the problem first by yourself. There are three possibilities for not activating the program successfully:

1. Your user name contains punctuation, symbols or special characters.
For example, the character Ÿ, the symbol $, or the punctuation ’, will not be recognized by some programs. Some French, Greek, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese or Spanish characters will not be accepted by the program.
If your license code is invalid due this reason, you should contact the software vendor for a new code with the user name in English characters as you prefer.

2. Blank spaces are accidentally added.
For most software, the license information is case-sensitive. You should not enter any extra blank space to the license name or code. It is suggested you to copy and paste the registration name and code to the form directly.

3. The license does not match the program.
It happens that you mistakenly put other software’s registration name and code to the program you used. Some programs are different but may have similar names, for example video converter professional/ultimate, you should match the license with the very program you purchased.

Note: some upgrading of the program may cause the license invalid problem as well. To avoid it, read software introduction and details carefully before placing the order. Software listed on M2Mate website all support lifetime updating without paying extra cent. If you are looking for such software on multimedia field, you can go there to have a look.